Japan Cooling Pillow Protector 日本凉感枕垫


  • 吸湿排汗,天然抗菌和除臭
  • 快速降低皮肤温度2-4度
  • 可机洗
  • 该产品设计旨在满足消费者日常需求,既实用又具有独特的冷却特性!
  • 库存有限,现购现有,售完即止!



Moisture wicking, natural antibacterial and deodorant
Cools the skin quickly by 2-4 degrees
Can be machine washed normally.
This product is renowned for its high-tech quality composition, designed to benefit the daily needs of consumers looking for a practical protector which possesses unique cooling properties at the same time!
Shop now while stocks last due to limited inventory available!


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