SuperCool Ice Silk Pillow Case 冰丝枕套

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Japanese cooling technology, mica stone natural cooling, available in pink, dark grey and blue.

您是否厌倦了半夜出汗? 正在寻找一款能给您带来美好酷感的凉爽枕套? 幸运的是,我们为您提供更放松的睡眠,同时让您整晚舒适舒适。
这款Ice Silk Cooling Pillow Cover 柔软舒适的枕套,由耐用和高品质的日本冷却纤维制成,它将立即帮助您感受到凉爽的感觉,并且可以持续多年。
The heat absorption is higher than normal cooling material and dissipation rate is increased by 10 times. Enjoy the cooling effect of this pillowcase. Specially designed for the hot weather in Singapore. It is made of breathable material that is soft and smooth to touch and comfortable to rest your head onto. At the same time, the cool pillow case dissipated heat 10X faster than normal pillowcase.
在这个炎热的夏天,一款令你爱不释手的冰丝枕套,手感丝滑冰凉,带来整晚清凉享受!(4‘C drop in temperature)
冷感黑科技面料,凉而不冰,轻薄透气(Light and breathable)
凉感纤维(Cooling Fiber)吸收体热,同时扩散热量,吸湿透气
”一触即凉“Fast heat dissipation,Silky and skin-friendly


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