SuperCool Ice Silk Blanket 1.0




接触手感可以降温2-3度 也可以吸汗排臭👍可以用在冷气房,是可以保暖的,冷气可以调高到25度,省电费减少排碳更环保❄️❄️


直接机洗,少过2小时就干了👍👍 日本🇯🇵黑科技,所以买了用得很舒服,顾客才会再买✅✅

这一次的设计比较轻薄, 手感更柔软


Since its debut in September 2020, our Ice Silk Blanket has surpassed 13,350 sales with a notable 91.3% repurchase rate.
Customers adore its luxurious, cool touch ❄️, providing instant comfort and relief from nighttime heat disturbances.

Crafted with advanced Japanese 🇯🇵 technology featuring natural mica stone for cooling, this quilt reduces skin temperature by 2-3 degrees upon contact. It effectively absorbs sweat, neutralizes odors, and maintains a hypoallergenic, antibacterial environment 💪💪. Ideal for air-conditioned rooms, it supports energy savings by allowing higher thermostat settings.

Unlike traditional comforters that are cumbersome and synthetic, requiring expensive dry cleaning, our Ice Silk Blanket is hassle-free with its machine washable design. It dries quickly, underlining its convenience and durability 👍👍.
Customers appreciate its lightweight feel and superior softness, making it a favorite for restful nights.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of Japanese innovation with every use of our Ice Silk Blanket!


SuperSingle:150cm x 200cm
Double Size:200cm x 230cm
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