SuperCool Ice Silk Blanket 2.0


2023年的升级版 SuperCool冰丝被❄️❄️到货啦🥳~hoo~hoo~❤
#2023年4月绝对的劲爆 SuperCool冰丝被2.0👏👏
因为SuperCool冰丝被已经是Sibeh 凉爽❄️❄️和柔软了啦🫰🫰
👉会比现在的冰丝冷感值再冷一点 是CoolMax Value 0.4度,迅速降温接近4度哦~~没错,就是-4度。
👉还有一个重点,冰丝被2.0面料加厚啦,可以100%解决了指甲脚皮勾丝问题啦!!!有些顾客经常会勾到一条一条,虽然不影响使用,但是不好看啦,呵呵😅 负责研发的工厂已经解决了你的问题啦
现在下单,都附送XL洗衣网哦 (FREE LAUNDRY NET) 送完为止


SuperCool Ice Silk 2.0 ( New Upgrade  2023 Version)

Introducing Malaysia’s Coolest Blanket ⭐⭐⭐, the SuperCool Ice Silk Blanket.
It has thicker fabric that won’t snag easily, ensuring durability and a smooth feel.
The filler includes German-patented anti-bacterial technology for added protection against germs.
Recently launched in April 2023, it’s quickly becoming popular in Singapore and Malaysia with a high repeat purchase rate of 91.3%.Crafted with advanced Japanese 🇯🇵 technology fabric, it features an Instant Cool effect that lowers skin temperature by 2-4 degrees upon contact. From 2020 to 2022, the first generation sold over 16,122 units with a reorder rate of 91.3%.
The April 2023 release of the SuperCool Ice Silk Blanket 2.0 boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate.
This blanket excels with a CoolMax Value of 0.4 degrees, perfect for environments needing effective cooling. It’s skin-friendly, breathable, and luxuriously cool, ideal for those struggling with hot indoor temperatures. It saves up to 30% on electricity bills and dries in just 2 hours, five times faster than standard bedding.
Health and safety are paramount: the blanket is 99% antibacterial and uses eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free dyes, ensuring comfort and safety for all users.
Choose the SuperCool Ice Silk Blanket for a comfortable and healthy sleep experience, supported by ultra-cooling technology and thoughtful design.


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